Dimension calulator tool

This tool is designed based on the relationships and equations designed by the technical team of Tupa Company and with the aim of making it easier to identify and choose the product needed by customers. By completing the form below, you can quickly extract the volume dimensions of the dehydrators you need based on the parameters of the type of dehydrators, the structure of the dehydrators, the type of product and the maximum weight that you expect the dehydrators to dehydrate in one part. After determining the size of the dehydrator you want, you can view the latest prices of DryZero devices on the price page and pre-order the product afterward.

important points:

1- The dehydration temperature of the product and its final humidity are calculated based on the ASABE standard for dehydrating products and considering the use of the exclusive DryZero technology along dehydrating process.

2- Without using Tupa compnay’s DryZero exclusive technology, the dehydration time and temperature of the product will be completely different, so the output numbers of this calculator are not suitable for calculating the capacity of the common dehydrators available in the market and only compatible with the dehydrators which are using DryZero exclusive technology.

3- The results of this calculator can differ up to 20% from true values based on the exact type of product and its variety. Therefore, if you are looking for an exact value as the weight capacity of the dehydrator, consider this value as a tolerance range in your calculations and Get detailed information about the dimensions of the dehydrator you need Contact Us.